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Saturn is the ruler of systems, by the way. This article essentially raises the question of probability of an event that is dependent on the previous actions of humans that either exaggerate or mitigate the risks. Read on…. Learn how to discover the timing of Saturn — Pluto conjunction using the Chart Event Explorer tool that is an integral part of Time Nomad astrological app. Chart Event Explorer allows to instantly reveal and explore nearly any astrological event:.

My response from reading Time Nomad Blog and announcement gets even more awesome with each new post! Thank you for publishing a truly great read with incredible insight. With recent unintentional deletion of unique celestial identities saved, fascinating features available amaze me and encorage me to start over! Thank you for this app and the blog. A genuine thank you! Hey there, I would like to discuss with you the repeating 60 numbers from the Fibonacci sequence which defines the zodiac.

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Must take he last digit of each sequential number i. It then repeats exactly. Claudio this is so intriguing what you wrote.

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How did you start to study Fibonacci numbers? And has studying the numbers and sequence assisted you somehow in your life? Just wondering. Hi Janel, It is very intriguing. Further from there I see so much more. Once realizing the golden ratio is a part of everything, I can now witness and predict with some degree of accuracy weather both external and internal. Golden ratio aspects in astrology are more important than western astrology realizes.

The quintile and bi-quintile are considered minor aspects which in fact are golden.

clublavoute.ca/boby-mujeres-solteras.php Venus and Eris are key as they are fundamentally golden with the 3 golden triangle making the penta star. This is the DaVinci code… Peace and Cheers. I see the number 3 as being very important. All these numbers numerological divisible by three. All important numbers in my life including birthdate reduce to 3. Worked in architecture so golden triangle fascinates as does Venus star pattern. Thank you for the reminder. Just have to be aware. Peace and Cheers!

I see 13, 33, all the time. Hanou Sar Blochovou.

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I 've known him for quite a while now because we both work together. Fridrich a H. Recover your password. Written by Hyena. Jurek, Z.

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